Shimano Tiagra 50

Shimano Tiagra 50

Been thinking about buying Bianchi Via NIRONE7 Carbon Tiagra BIKE (2008), really need some opinions and advice. I would be paying $895; however, after tax and shipping the total for the bike will be about $1,013.00
I want to stay around that price but who knows, I’m a newer rider and ride 30-50 mile rides about 4 times a week. I have recently been liking the look of Bianchi bikes. Give me some advice! Thanks! Here’s more info on the bike….

Via Nirone Aluminum / carbon mix frame
Bianchi FL5 K-Vid Carbon-Alu fork
Shimano Tiagra front and rear dearailleur
Shimano Tiagra brake/shift levers
Joytech front and rear hubs laced to Rigida Flyer rims
Michelin Dynamic tires
Look KEO Easy pedals

That seems like a nice price for what you are getting, especially with pedals included. I have a Bianchi Carbon T-Cube. I love it! I always opt for campy instead of Shimano, but that is just a personal thing, something in my head says an Italian bike ought to have Italian made components. I will tell you that at 100-200 miles a week you might want to pony up for the 928 C2C which is the all carbon version of what you are looking at. Nothing wrong with the Via Nirone, you will really like it. You won’t, however, have the same kind of love affair with it that you would with a full carbon machine.

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