Shimano Spinning Reel

Shimano Spinning Reel

Getting The Most Out Of Fishing

Fishing as a pastime has always been a popular sport and selecting the right equipment can be difficult at best, the choices of rods and reels are absolutely mind boggling. Just taking a look at the wide range of reels available from Shimano alone is a good example, whether you are a freshwater or sea water fisherman this company has products that will go above and beyond your expectations of what a reel should be about. Here are just three examples of the reels made by this company and the performance you can expect from them.

The Shimano Stella SW is a saltwater enthusiast dream with long distance casts achieved time after time, it is a superbly crafted spinning reel. These reels are designed to catch larger fish such as Marlin and Tuna with ease. Applying a heavy drag to the line, this reel will cause even the biggest of fish to tire quickly. These reels are made with an Anti-Corrosive coating which resists saltwater corrosion making the Stella SW a reel that stands the test of time.  

The Shimano Stella 2500 Fe is an all-round fishing reel with many impressive features. This reel has four models and each one has its own special set use. All of the models have anti-corrosion coating on the ball bearing compartment and a waterproofed drag system, while two of the models are designed for freshwater the other two are suitable for saltwater. The new X-Ship feature has increased the size of the gears, keeping everything in perfect alignment.

Pro anglers around the world rave about the Shimano Sustain Fe; the reputation this real has is for it’s durability and strength, and an immaculate management of the line and drive systems. The Sustain Fe features a new propulsion system that reduces friction and allows for greater distance when casting. These are just some of the features of three top class Shimano reels and they are worth every dollar spent on them, reliable and durable they are reels that will give many years of great service.  

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