Shimano Japan Reel

Shimano Japan Reel

Coarse Fishing Tackle Rundown: The Shimano Exage RA Reel

Although I do enjoy fishing for salmon and trout, coarse fishing is my true passion. I can’t think of anything more testing than struggling with a powerful predator species such as perch or pike. Though I don’t win all of the time, I persist in perfecting my skills. To accomplish this, I must have the finest coarse fishing tackle accessible. Being that coarse fishers aren’t aware of what could be on their line, the fishing gear they use, needs to be adaptable and sensible as can be. Not to mention strong and durable! I’ve always been partial to Shimano products, and recently have acquired a terrific coarse fishing reel: the Shimano Exage RA.

Coarse Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Shimano Exage RA Reel

While I’m not really into the looks of a reel, I was really pleased to see the very smart and good looking design on the Exage RA. I am thrilled with the fact that it includes an unusually lightweight aluminium spool which was cold forged for maximum resilience. The reel sells for about £60, but do check the Internet for special offers. Incorporated with 3 AR-B ball bearings and one roller bearing, this reel supplies extremely effective casts and retrieves. AR-B bearings are well-known for being oxidation and corrosion resistant even in the most unfavourable fishing environments. You are really going to love the way the Exage RA functions, but above all, you’ll appreciate it’s practical price. It has all the premium Shimano features you’d expect, including the popular XT7 body and cold forged gear. It also comes with components such as Dyna Balance and Super Stopper II. Dyna Balancing is identical to the balancing of an automobile tyre. It employs counterbalancing procedures to do away with rotor wobble throughout the retrieve process. Super Stopper II is the Shimano brand anti-reverse roller bearing which eradicates back play. The outcome? Solid hook sets virtually every time from this superior piece of coarse fishing tackle.

Coarse Fishing Tackle: More About the Shimano Exage RA Reel

Another feature I appreciate is the super-comfortable Biogrip, which helps prevent hand and muscle fatigue during those long fishing sessions. The bail arm spring was made for resilience and hard-wear, and the drag is strong and exacting. The reel features an additional spool, along with a well-crafted relaxing machined aluminium handle which is extremely durable. The Exage RA has a weight of 230g, also, it can bear 140yd of 14lb test line.

Coarse Fishing Tackle: About Shimano

Shimano is a forward-thinking company that features a uncomplicated, though potent mission statement which is this: “To promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us”. This firm is a number one maker of top quality fishing gear and precision bicycle parts. Shimano has headquarters nearby Osaka, Japan, and the firm is located, globally, in 17 countries in all. The Shimano fishing tackle department was founded in 1970 and the corporation has a subsidiary in the UK that’s been dedicated to fishing equipment, since 1988.

To get the finest in coarse fishing tackle, be certain to examine the Shimano Exage RA reel in detail.

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