Shimano Tekota

Shimano Tekota

Salt water fishing at its best

Fishing is a great way to relax whether sitting on the shoreline waiting for a bite, standing on a rock casting out to where the rollers are starting to form before they sweep into the beach, hiring a charter boat and heading out to sea for a day of fun filled excitement fishing the depths for the denizens of the deep. With so many different conditions of fishing it is paramount  to have the right gear for the job at hand.

Shimano have the answer to all of your requirements and they make fishing reels that surpass all expectations so if you are looking for some heavy duty reels for some large catches then you should look no further than the Shimano range of reels. Here we will take a brief look at three reels from the Shimano stable which are well worth considering if you want a reel that is durable yet cost effective.

The Shimano Tekota Levelwind Linecounter, a reel that has certainly been around for awhile who’s design has been fine tuned after years of testing and customer feedback. The result is a reel that is built to last and that will not let you down no matter how many times you fish.
Next up is the Shimano Tiagra range of reels, these are the true heavyweights of the offshore fishing scene there are two models of this reel the Tiagra 12 and 16 weighing in at a healthy 35 and 38 oz respectively these reels can handle any size fish that are hooked. With a newly upgraded drag system the Tiagra is able to withstand 20lb of drag when the fish strike.
The Shimano Tiagra A series of reel are very much similar to the Tiagra only they can handle even more weight. The Tiagra A weighs 10lb 14oz and is able to withstand a huge 100lb of drag, there is nothing this reel cannot handle.

Fishing with these Shimano reels will give you many years of enjoyment and they are all worthy of a place in your tackle box.

Shimano Tekota TEK500 Levelwind Reel – J&H Tackle