Shimano Cast Reel

Shimano Cast Reel
what kind of baitcasting reel should i get?

i have been using a Quantum IR300C and it is terrible. I used my friends shimano calcutta the other day and it casts so far and so smooth, which is the complete opposite of my quantum. any thoughts?

Urik is accurate.

Two of the best Bass fishermen in YAnswer’s (Goldenfeather/Exert) both rate the Revo as an excellent reel.

I believe them.

If your on a budget try an Abu Garcia 4600 or 5500. Either one of those would be better than the Quantum IR series. (I once owned a Q IR
and the drag system died on me after only 1 season.)

Don’t get me wrong- Calcutta’s are great reels! But their price tag is great too!

Stick with Abu Garcia, Shimano & Daiwa and you’ll never be “too far off the mark” in regards to quality products.

Thats my 2 cents! Hope it helps? Good luck!