Penn Trolling Reel

Penn Trolling Reel
I can’t Decide Shimano Tld 25 ot Penn 330 Gti?

I am looking at buying one of these two reels but I can’t deside… I do alot of trolling for pleagics, so please Suggest… Thanks

I guess it comes down to preference…….

The Shimano TLD 25 is a lever drag reel. Lever Drag reels are MUCH easier to adjust while playing a fish and offer the fisherman “precise” drag control, (important when using lighter than normal line). Here’s the TLD-

The Penn 330 GTI is a Star Drag reel. Star drags can be a “handful” when fighting big fish. Here’s the GTI-

In my opinion, the GTI isn’t even in the same CLASS as a TLD. Lever drag reels are much better for Offshore trolling. The ability to “instantly” change the drag from “nothing to something” is VERY important when trolling. Not to mention Shimano’s construction and drag systems are superb.

Heck, look at the difference in PRICE!

The TLD is $60-$100 MORE than a GTI! That should tell you something!

However, you COULD get a GTI and purchase an aftermarket Lever Drag Kit for it…………still……….personally, not my cup of tea. But to each his own.

Hope this helps ya?

great Penn longbeach Antique Reel