Penn Reel Fishing

Penn Reel Fishing
what is the best fishing rod or reel brand out of penn (my favourite) or abu garcia?

it really depends on the application of the reels for me.

i like the abu garcia for freshwater fishing.i like all sizes from the 3500 up to the 7000.good reliable reels.when maintaianed the proper way they cast great.they have excellent drags on them.i also do alot of catfishing and snagging for spoonbills in the ohio river,which i really trust the abu garcia for.

for saltwater applications i like the penn,but i will occasionally use my 6500 or 7000 garcias.
the penns i have,320gt2,i use for fishing bigger game like bull reds or reef sharks.they hold larger line and more of it.

both are excellent reels that i will reccomend to anybody.