Penn Jigmaster Fishing Reel

Penn Jigmaster Fishing Reel
Any fishing people who have a penn jigmaster combos?

I got a new fishing rod from sports authority today and it is the penn jigmaster combo.I got it to catch yellow tails and rock cod.On the reel,there is no little rectangle so I can put the line through so it will spread around the spool on the reel.what do I do?how am I sopposed to go and catch fish if the line wont spread?Here is the picture of the rod and reel combo.look at the reel. click on this and go to products.then combos.then go to jigmaster.

Hay man you got your self a good rod and reel there. I have a jigmaster too and i love it, works great for tails and cod. That reel will last you for ever as is and Accurate makes a great upgrade for it as well.
What i do with this reel to spread the line even i call “thumbing it”. I hold the rod with my four fingers and raise my thumb up and over the line and stick it in the crease, Now as you reel in guide the line back and forth. this can get a little hot on your thumb so i use a Flexible Peace of tape there. Now when a fish is on i don’t pay as much attention to Thumbing it as i should i just keep it off the edges and then after the catch i drop it down again and wind it up right.
Hope this helps good luck and happy fishing.

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