3000 Spinning

3000 Spinning
How much would you go down on price?

So I have an amazing horse for sale for 3000, and I found a great home! Just the buyers have to sell a horse and they want to know if I will go down on price. THe horse is completely safe, 8 years old, not registered but VERY broke spins, side steps, huge stopper, beautiful, sound utd on everything perfect feet. How much should I go down on price?

There are so many variables that it is a hard question to answer. Has the horse been for sale long? Do you have other people interested? If you’ve just put the horse up for sale you may want to stick it out a little longer to see if you get someone to pay full price. We are going into spring so it is the best time to sell. If you’ve had the horse for sale for awhile with little interest it may be time to deal.

The other thing to ask yourself is it more important to get full price or for the horse to go to a great home? Would you sell the horse at full price to a home you didn’t think was as good as the people asking for a discount.

It is possible that the people are just trying to see if you’ll deal and would pay full price. This can be risky though if they really can’t afford the $3000 then you could lose the sale completely. Or they could be the kind of people who feel the need to haggle on everything (My dad is one of these people.) If they are hagglers then maybe go down to $2800 and possibly get haggled down to $2500. From your description I’d have a hard time going less, though it is hard to tell without conformation pictures and video of the horse.

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