Line Backing Reel

Line Backing Reel

Help Choosing Baitcaster Reels

Baitcasting reels are great for a wide variety of fishing and they are extremely popular when bass fishing. Many people love bait casting reels because they give you a great amount of control over your fishing line. It can often be difficult to choose a quality baitcaster reel for your fishing arsenal so knowing what options you have is important.


When choosing a baitcaster you’ll want to know what conditions you’ll be fishing in, whether it is saltwater or fresh water fishing. After deciding on which type of water you’ll be fishing you’ll want to decide what weigh of line you’ll be using most so you can get a reel with the proper weight and length handling capabilities. Below are some of the more popular and reliable bait caster reels.

Daiwa Strikeforce 100HA Baitcast Reel

The Strikeforce baitcasting reels by Daiwa are known for being extremely affordable and having reliable performance. With a 6.3 gear ratio this reel can bring in 28 inches of line in a single turn of the handle. Weighing only 8.3 ounces makes this reel light weight so learning to cast is a breeze. Daiwa’s Strikeforce can spool up to 125 yards of 14 lbs line or 150 yards of 12 lbs fishing line and reels it in super quick.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 4600C4 Baitcast Reel

One of the most popular baitcasting reels on the market is the Ambassadeur line of reels by Abu Garcia. For years the Ambassadeurs have become known for ease of use and high quality workmanship.  The 4600C4 is the entry level in the Ambassadeur line and features a fast line retrieval system that can hold up to 170 yards of 10 lbs line. This is a truly classical design that will perform for years to come on both saltwater and fresh water fishing.

Pflueger President 2WLP Baitcast Reel

Working in either saltwater or freshwater this baitcaster by Pfleuger is constructed from high quality components that are precisely manufactured. A titanium line guide and one-way clutch make reeling in and casting easy. The six pin brake system allows for easy control over your casting distance and accuracy. Corrosion resistant shaft and components will make this reel last a long time on the water. The President baitcasting reel holds 130 yards of 14 lbs of line on the wide light-weight anodized aluminum spool.

Quantum Burst 660CX Baitcast Reel

Made from a light weight composite material conserving weight is one of the most stunning features to this baitcasting fishing reel. Line capacity on the Burst is 125 yards of 12 lb. line that is housed on Quantum’s MaxCast skeletal spool. With a 6.3:1 gear ratio the Quantum Burst 660CX reels in quickly on both freshwater and salt water. The continuous anti-reverse allows you to control your fish while in hookset.


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