Fishing Tackle Rod Reel

Fishing Tackle Rod Reel
Any recommendations on a cheap but nice travel rod and reel set for a Christmas present?

I asked this in the fishing section but no replies.

We are going to the Caribbean and I wanted to get a fishing rod and reel set for him for Christmas. We are not checking luggage, only carry on. So he won’t be able to take a tackle box or anything. Just need a rod and reel that will be okay to get on the airplane as a carry on in the suitcase. I’m assuming it will be a rod that breaks down into parts.

Something for him fishing in the ocean, on shore and off shore. I don’t know much about fishing so please be specific. I tried to google but didn’t come up with much. Looking to spend less than $100. Please help if you know anything about this type of stuff!


You said travel rod and now I’m horny and want a thunderstick.

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