Shimano High Reel

Shimano High Reel
What is the best saltwater flats fishing rod/reel under $200? mainly for trout, redfish, snook, etc?

I’m looking to find a new rod & reel for my boyfriend for his birthday. We mainly fish the flats around Bradenton, FL and fish with topwater lures, gulps, and greenbacks. He wants an extra rod/reel but I don’t know what to pick. Currently we have a Shimano Startic 4000 series and 2500 series. He likes sensitive one piece poles. This gives you an idea of what he likes. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good reel and rod that is under $200? I can go a little higher if needed. Please help!! Thanks!

Considering you have Stradics right now, I’m going to assume that you want to stick with a spinning setup. There are a few things I can recommend…

For Rods:
Fenwick Intercostal $100
Shimano Teramar $110
Falcon Coastal Inshore $100
Quantum Boca Inshore $90

For Reels:
Quantum Boca $110 (really good)
Daiwa Tierra $114 (reliable, good)
Shimano Spheros $80 (good)
Shimano Saros $120 (good…just above the spheros)
Okuma Inspira $90 (above average-good)
Penn Sargus $80 (average-good)

For a little less money… take a look at the Saltwater Combo section of Cabelas. They have some good combos, all for under $200. I would recommend the Quantum Boca/Salt Striker…or…Shimano Saros/Salt Striker – both are pretty good.

carretilha shimano tunada…(HIGH QUALITY)