Shimano Repair Gear

Shimano Repair Gear
how do you adjust a shimano Hone Derailleur?

its skipping gears and not shifting smoothly or accurately. I’m not sure how to adjust it, as i only see Hi Lo screws and i really dont feel like paying for a shop to do such a simple repair. thanks!

This happens ever so often on bikes and a lot on brand new bikes. What happens is the cables stretch and there’s nothing holding that derailleur where it’s supposed to be. In order to check and fix this put the chain on the smallest cog in the back. Check the cable, if it’s bowed and loose then you have to tighten the cable.

Leave the chain on the smallest cog and loosen the retaining bolt on the derailleur sometimes the bolt is an allen wrench type sometimes on older models something else. You’re also going to need a set of pliers to hold the cable taut while you tighten the retaining bolt. When you’re finished tightening double check that you can change through all the gears and you’re done. Take it for a test spin for half a bloc and then make any needed adjustments.

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