Baitcasting Saltwater Reel

Baitcasting Saltwater Reel
What is a good saltwater rod for offshore fishing in Dana Point California?

What is a good saltwater rod to setup with a baitcasting reel. I plan on doing some charter boat fishing. I want a rod thats affordable but thick and strong and sturdy. Id like the closest thing to an all purpose saltwater rod that can handle calico bass to yellowfin tuna, live baitin and iron jigging. Able to hold heavy 12 plus oz. lures for deep waters. I think you get the picture by now. Any recommendations will help.

My favorite is the Calstar WCDH-270-C (actually, mine is custom wrapped, but it’s essentially the same as the Calstar factory rod.) I use it with 20 pound test on a Daiwa SL30SH reel, and have fished with it from Ventura county down to Alijos Rocks, caught everything from bass and halibut to tuna and wahoo to one unfortunate marlin on it. In general, it’s best for 5 to 30 pound fish, which is about as close to all-purpose as you can do for So.Cal. fishing.

To be realistic, it’s a bit light for fish over 30 pounds, and in deep water I don’t use more than 8 ounce jigs on it. (4 ounces or so is the maximum casting weight.) For that kind of stuff, I’d recommend a second outfit, like the 870-C or 970-C — heavier action, and a foot shorter, and 30 pound line. Use that one for yoyo jigging for local yellowtail, and so on.

You can get away with one outfit most of the time, but you don’t want to be out of luck when something breaks, or undergunned when the offshore trip for 10 pound yellowtail finds a wide open spot of 40 pound bluefin. So start with the 20-pound rig, and as soon as you can afford it, add a 30-pound outfit.

Here’s the page on Calstar’s website listing the West Coast rods:

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