Baitcast Reel

Baitcast Reel

Fishing Tackle Review: The Shimano Curado E Low Profile Baitcast Reel

I can’t think of anything better than gathering up my fishing tackle on a wonderful summer morning and setting out for my preferred lake, beach, or stream. It is so exhilarating for me to just cast out my first bait to the water and linger around until my senses have become more keen. When I know that my prey is testing the bait, I start strengthening myself for the encounter that’s awaiting. Wait…wait…wait. Now starts the tussle! If you and I are alike, you are prepared with all the must haves. Because I prefer travelling without a lot of baggage, my fishing equipment has to be adaptable too. Shimano products have been my favourites forever due to the sensible pricing and better quality. Upcoming are facts on my favourite reel, the Curado E low profile model.

Fishing Tackle: Main Aspects of the Shimano Curado E Low Profile Baitcaster

I have to admit that when Shimano took on another concept for this reel, I was somewhat hesitant. Since then, I’ve learned that the reworked reel delivers greater comfort, which in turn translates to better control. Shimano has downsized the body, which concerned me until I learned that the gearbox has been up sized to compensate. The revised reel contains additional bearings, which is a great idea. The Curado E features a 10lb drag, along with 5 1 ball bearings. The weight is 6.9 oz, and it can recover nearly 25″ of line for every turn of the handle.

Fishing Tackle: More About the Shimano Curado E Baitcast Reel

I’d like to tell all my colleagues who are fishermen that this reel comes with a right hand retrieve, plus a 6.4:1 retrieve ratio. It carries around 155yd of 10lb mono line plus 120 yd of 50lb braid. If you’re planning to use 8lb or 14lb mono, the capacities are 180yd and 110yd respectively. It also supports 190yd of 30lb braid line and 80yd of 65lb braid. Together with its powerful and heavy-duty one-piece aluminium frame and side plate, and an excellent gear system, this ingenious piece of fishing tackle brings you incomparable potency and accomplishment. This reel comes with lots of the Shimano favourite components such as Super Stopper instant anti-reverse, Dartanium Drag and Magnalite spool, and VBS variable braking system.

Fishing Tackle: Final Thoughts on the Curado E Low Profile Baitcaster

I am pleased with the recessed reel foot, high-efficiency gears and the reduced mass hub on the VBS system of the reel. It features a roller clutch bearing, along with Septon PV power grips for a firm handhold. This reel comes with 5 guarded top-grade stainless steel bearings, together with the Shimano super free bearing supported pinion gear system.

Its remarkable parts inventory also contains the Quickfire II clutch bar together with the separable level wind system. Its spool and handle have been anodised so that they are very corrosion resistant. Finally, there’s a metal cast control knob and a 1/8 turn easy access attached sideplate.

I rate this great Shimano fishing tackle at 4.5 of 5 stars, and without reluctance, I fully advise it.

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