Shimano Water Spinning Reel

Shimano Water Spinning Reel
Fishing Reels! Help!!!?

Hey guys!
Whats the meaning of ” max drag” Written on the specs of the reel, for example, for this shimano reel ( it says 13.0 LBS.
Does it mean, that after 13 pounds of pulling force, the reel will sort of spin, releasing line?

Oh yea, also when they mean 13 pounds of drag for an example, how large a fish can you catch? Can you like reel in a 15 pound fish? ( in the water) and use a net to catch it up. Okay just how does this drag thing work? thank you!
Thanks! Cheers!! 😀

Max drag is the maximum drag power with the drag tightened all the way down. However, you must consider the pound test of your line before locking your drag all the way down. A simple rule of thumb is that you should tighten your drag to one third of the pound test of your line. So, if you use, say, 15lb test line, you should only use about 5 lbs of drag to prevent line breakage.
As for the size of the fish you can catch: With 13 lbs of max drag you can catch almost any freshwater or inshore saltwater species depending on the rest of your gear (line, rod, hook, knots, etc.). 13 lbs is a LOT of drag unless you want to go after real monsters. 🙂
Hope I helped a little. Good luck.

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