Vintage Water Fishing

Vintage Water Fishing
This poem published in a leading Welsh literary journal. What do you think?


Diving into the ocean and repealing my inner belonging.
I was afraid. I had nothing to hold but now I see her on the horizon.

Trawlers and nets of gold, translucent and aggressive they feed.
Dolphins fish in shallow water and I feel the colours of the sea.

I cast my eye beyond and through the buoyant clouds
And I look upon mountains with tops of ancient majesty.

I recollect things which mean so much. A view of pastoral waters
And paths paved with crushing autumn leaves. A new beginning,

A time to renew my vows. Like an angel who steals her wings
From God, I am in awe of my world with each day passing.

The moment is mine like vintage in a summer evening,
I cherish her for I mould her image to satisfy my desire.

Interesting, almost like taking baptismal vows again by the words penned. Being reborn, refreshed, seeing things new again. It’s okay.

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