Shimano Spin Reel

Shimano Spin Reel
Cabela’s Fish Eagle II Spinning Rod w/ Shimano Sahara Reel? Rod and Reel HELP?

I’m planning on purchasing this Rod and Reel Combo but need help on the Rod length and Power.and Reel Line Capacity and LB Test. I will be mostly fishing for Bass, Crappie, Panfish and Trout. I want the Rod and Reel to be able to handle the biggest fish possible out of the species I’m fishing for yet be light and responsive. Rod choices are:
6′ med light (4-10lb test)
6′ med (6-12lb test)
6’6″ med light (4-10lb test)
6’6″ med (6-12lb test)

Reel Choices:
120yd/4lb test (4.7:1 ratio)
130yd/6lb test (6.2:1 ratio)
140yd/8lb test (6.2:1 ratio)
200yd/10lb test (6.0:1)


6″6 medium light for the rod. Now for the reel…I have a little bit of a dilemma. I personally would go with the 6lb/130yds because I’m a lightline type of guy. I think most people would go with the 8lb/140yds. That will take anything you can toss at it.

A 4-10lb test rod will have enough backbone to pull fish (bass) and yet retain enough sensitivity to fish for panfish/crappie/trout. These aren’t “light” rods. They aren’t made with ultralight angling in mind….that would be more like 1-6lb….that’s ultralight.

It’s a difficult decision on the rod because fishing for bass is totally different from crappie/panfish. It’s a completely different aproach and “feel.” I would recommend looking into a seperate setup for each….or at least a different rod if you can.

If I were you, I would just fork out the extra $10 and get the Shimano SYMETRE/Fish Eagle II combo. That’s a MUCH better reel. I have two, and I put them up close to the Stradics I have. The Sahara isn’t going to be as smooth or as durable as the Symetre. The Symetre was a mistake for Shimano – they put better technology in a “cheaper” reel. That’s why they had to UP the price two years ago. They realized that too much of the same technology was in the Symetre that was also in the Stradic FI. I would definitely go with the other combo….you’ll be glad you did – it’s a world of difference.