Saltwater Weight Rod

Saltwater Weight Rod
What kind of fly fishing setup do I need for inshore saltwater fly fishing?

I will be fishing in the Outer Banks, NC for fish like pompano, red drum, sea trout, and permit. I want to know what weight line, what weight rod, what length rod, and what type of flies to use.

I agree with NYG, (Thumbs up NYG).

8-9 Wt 9FT rod. 8-9 WF line.

Clouser Minnows are probably the most popular & productive Fly, (chartreuse/white, chartreuse, red/white, brown/red)-

Poppers work esp well for Spec Trout and the occasional Striper-®-Saltwater-Soft-Foam-Flies-Inshore-Popper/product/60120/-1124362

You can catch a LOT of Spec Trout, Redfish, Striper and Flounder with those 2 Flys. You could add some Deceivers or Bendbacks if you want, but a large assortment of different sized Poppers & Clousers will work fine.

Understand- Saltwater species aren’t as “picky” as, (say), a freshwater Trout about Fly choice. (Although, Permit and Bonefish CAN be- but you won’t be seeing any of those species Inshore in NC).

Hope this helps ya?

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