Saltwater Casting

Saltwater Casting
Saltwater fishing reels?

Im looking for size 2000~2500 spinning fishing reels. Im not surf casting or anything using heavy tackle im going to use some light tackles such as light jig heads and grub worms usually and sometimes simple rigs with baits. I want to buy reels that has in stock. Im looking at reels 50~200 dollars.

Im looking for the best qulaity FOR ITS PRICE. I know, you get what you paid for, the price goes high, the better quality, but you know how there are some reels that are 50 dollars but feel like and made like it should be 150, like im looking for those.

Recommend me about 3~5 reels with BEST QUALITY FOR ITS PRICE from VARIOUS PRICES such as 50, 100, 150, 200. Im gonna put a 10lb powerpro on it.

Thanks! (BTW im gonna target small flounder from the piers and docks.

PS. It doesn’t NEED TO be saltwater reels. I mean i’d like it better, but I will clean it everytime i come back from fishing so won’t really matter.



I dont think you can go wrong with any of the Daiwa’s or Shimano’s that tacklewharehouse sells in the price range your looking for. for that series of reels, I dont think its necessary to spend over 100 for the type of fishing you plan on doing. Flounder arent exactly going to be ripping drag, so extra berings and trick drag arent going to matter that much.

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