Saltist Spinning Reel

what surf fishing reel?

Hi! I want to buy a good quality reel for surf fishing, using a 20lb test line of mono, and 3 to 5 oz lead weight, I’m thinking about a conventional reel less than $200.00. The reason is because the conventional reel holds more line (about 400yds of 25lb) than the spinning reel, any suggestions? I was thinking about this reel
Daiwa Saltist STT40H Conventional Reel

Wrong match.25 lb for surf fishing with light weight sinkers just won’t work.You will be casting it out like a wuss because the line is too heavy for your weight.The reel is general for boating,since you are a space cadet try the spinning.Too much for you.Don’t waste it.

Re: Casting larger overheads. daiwa saltist 30H