Pen Reel Combos

Pen Reel Combos
what kind of reel should i get with the pen fishing rod as a combo?

hi im thinking of getting a pen rod exstream combo pack i want to know what the difference is between the front drag combo and the rear reel combo and witch one should i get?

A lot of it does come down to personal preference but besides the obvious differences I find that the drag adjustment on a front drag reel is far more precise than on a rear drag and I have found the drag to be more reliable on front drag models. Rear drag models big advantage is the fact that the spools can be changed far more easily and you can change them without having to alter your drag settings.

I like rear drag reels for big fish because I have shimano reels with the fighting drag system which is handy if you need to quickly alter your drag setting whilst playing a fish. However I do have front drag reels, which I actually prefer to use for general fishing where I don’t expect any monsters.

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