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Shimano St
Shimano Citica baitcaster vs Shimano Curado baitcaster for largemouth bass and peacock?

which would be a better reel..i want opinions. i know the curado is pricier but who know. Im planning on pairing up one of these reels with a St. Croix premier rod.

The Shimano Curado Three Hundred E has fifteen pounds of drag. If you’re gonna be tossing big plugs for peacock bass, you’re gonna need something with a more powerful drag than that to set the hook and stop a big one…

Quantum Catalyst has eighteen plus pounds of drag.

And as much as I hate to say it and push them on anyone, the Ambassadeur Revolution has twenty-four pounds of total fish stopping power.

If you haven’t bought the St. Croix yet, cough up an extra forty dollars for a Shimano Crucial series rod… they come with a lifetime warranty. The Premier only has a five year warranty.

Thanks W. But from what I’ve seen on those TV shows, probably the same ones, those five and six pound weecocks look like they still blast a pencil popper or something with the force of half a stick of dynamite. I think one that size would still outfight a largemouth of the same size or even bigger.

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