Saltwater Spool

Saltwater Spool

so im getting a new calcutta baitcaster and i was wondering what pound test would be good all around for fishing (beaches around california)
2.pier fishing
3.deep sea fishing
4.catalina island(clear water)

*i only want to spool it with one full spool of line and dont want to have to respool it to go fish off a boat then respool to go off a pier….exc.
*i dont want to get a heavy line that is TOO thick that the fish can see
*what would the best brand be (maxima, P-line, trilene, EXC)

thanks again in advanced for all anwers 🙂

I have found that 40lb braid has excelled for me over the years. I use it for long distance surf casting during the winter months, Pier fishing, Shark fishing as well as offshore for big grouper and Snapper. I use Power Pro and Ohero exclusively. I have landed 200lb fish on 40lb braid on light to medium rigs. Always remember that the main line means diddly as far as sight is concerned if you utilize leaders properly. I run 4 to 20 foot leaders of Mono ro Flouro as needed.

Mark Zona PowerPro Braided Line