Garcia Saltwater Reel

Garcia Saltwater Reel
What kind of fishing can I do with my Fenwick Rod?

I recently received a Fenwick Spinning and Fly Combo as a gift. Specs- 7’0″, 1/8-5/8 lures, 6-12lb, and it is carbon veil (I guess that would mean graphite). The spinning reel is an Abu Garcia Cardinal–8lbs/80yds. I don’t know how to fly fish so the fly reel isn’t of much importance to me. Anyway, my question is what kind of fish would this rod & reel combo be capable of handling? Also, can I do some saltwater striper fishing with it or will it fail? Lastly, should I get 8lb mono or 8lb braid? Thanks

That particular combo would be best used on a stream, pond or lake for small Bass, small-medium Trout, Bluegill/Crappie, small-medium Walleye, small Pike, small Carp & rough fish, Etc.

It is not designed for saltwater fishing.

You CAN use it in saltwater but eventually the reel (if not properly washed and greased frequently) will corrode. Also, that particular spinning reel is esp “light duty” for most any saltwater fishing, (period). Unless your an enthusiast of “light tackle fishing” in saltwater, don’t use it for Striper. Striper tend to be “feisty” big fish and would more than likely “spool you” if you used that outfit to fish for them.

(Spool you?- take all your line.)

That outfit is designed for light tackle freshwater fishing only. Most spinning/fly combo’s are designed for Trout & other smallish freshwater fish.

If I were you I’d purchase Berkley Fireline 4/10 braided line for this outfit.

Hope this helps ya? Good fishing!

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