Casting Fishing Lure

Casting Fishing Lure
Top Water Bass Fishing Lure?

It is now towards the end of summer. I am seeing bass now coming up to the surface, instead of staying down low, and eating bugs, minnows, anything they can get their hands on. I would like to get a lure for this. I am looking for a single hook lure (Not a treble hook!) that resembles anything from a bug, to a minnow, Preferably rubbery. I need it to also, as I stated, to be top water, and have a long casting distance (since I am casting it from a dock) Do you guys have any suggestions?

-thank you

Matthew Miller

If you don’t want a treble hook and you want a good casting distance, I recommend a black/blue buzzbait. This is a great in the spring and fall and really entices bass. It is the top rated lure for spring and fall. Make sure you start reeling right when the lure hits the water because it’s a heavy lure. It’s a topwater lure but will not float to the top so don’t stop reeling. You can try different retrieves… one that’s aggresive and fast or one that has the blades barely above the water. Try both of them and use what works for you, it may in the middle of the two. Another tip for buzzbaits, add a trailer hook to it. Use mono line and add a hook and grub or a small soft plastic worm. The hook should be about 3 or 4 inches from the hook on the buzzbait. This will get bites and sometimes if it’s dark, the bass will miss the lure by a lot and that hook will be right behind the buzzbait, maybe hooking the bass. This is one of my all time favorite lures for bass. Good luck.

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