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Problems with a Shimano B-Mag 1001 fishing reel?

I got this reel from my father because he just got a few new ones and doesn’t like it anymore. It looks like a pretty high tech reel, I’ve seen the schematics and how its sporting ball bearing, magnetic control system, and a complicated looking cast control. Talk about clockwork. But anyway, I think this thing can be pretty useful if I find out how to use it right. However not everytime, but quite often, the line will birds nest on the reel. I can’t seem to figure out what causes this. I know these are mostly for heavy lures and thats what I use. So idk what the problem is. Could someone explain whats wrong, and also how to use the cast control and the magnet control gauge that from 10 (min.) to 100 (max.)? Thanks in advance.

The first thing you need to do is educate your thumb to control the spool of the reel. To do this let your lure drop to the floor and use your thumb to control the speed, you should be able to stop the lure from falling and hitting the floor. The thumb is what causes the reel to stop when the lure hits the water. Next is to set an adjustment on the reel to do basically the same thing. On the right side of the reel is a knob that is in line with the center of the spool. Let your lure fall to the floor and as it hits the floor the spool of the reel should stop spinning. If it dose not stop spinning turn the knot clockwise to tighten the tension on the spool. Adjust this in small amounts until you get it right. Once you become proficient in casting you can back off on this adjustment some to allow for longer cast.

The next adjustment is the centrifugal brake this is the adjustment on the left side. This adjustment slows down the speed of the spool as the line is going out. I am not sure which type you have on your reel, one type is a daile with numbers on it. If this is what you have adjust it to a higher number for starts. Once you get good with casting you can back off on the number to get longer cast. The other type is where there is a knob to take off the side of the reel and expose the centrifugal mechanism. With the mechanism exposed you have 5 or 6 magnets that you can move in or out. Move these magnets out to have more brake and move them in for less. For now start with them all out and you can move them in as you advance.

The main thing with a bait casting reel is practice. The more you practice the better you become.

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