Shimano Fishing

Shimano Fishing
is the best fishing reel a shimano torium 30 for tarpon kingfish grouper redfish snapper and sailfish?

please tell me

(In my opinion), the Shimano TLD or TLD 2 Speed is much more versatile than the Torium.

The TLD 2 Speed is a fantastic “upper-middle” range reel that has the ability (and gearing) to tackle Kings, Grouper, Sails, Etc.

I’m guessing you want this reel to swing double duty as a bottom bouncer as well as a troller?

Definitely the TLD 2 Speed!

(If you were only gonna troll for Kings, Mahi, Sails, Wahoo, Etc ONLY I’d suggest you save your money and buy TWO Shimano Speedmasters!)

PS- I guess people have had good luck with the Daiwa “Saltist”. You might look at these too. Go to

UPDATE: Although the TLD is more expensive it does have 2 speeds. When you are trying to get a 30 LB Grouper away from his hole a lower gear reel comes in mighty handy! On the other hand, you need a faster retrieve to gain line on a Sail, Wahoo, King, Tarpon, Etc. You would spend more on a bottom fishing reel AND a trolling reel……………..

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