Saltwater Scale

Saltwater Scale
Couple of questions?

1) I have a 10 gallon tank that I want to convert into a saltwater setup. I currently have a 55 gallon saltwater setup and it’s going to have things in it that can eat my smaller fish, so I was going to convert the 10gal to a nano tank. What kind of filtration would be adequate?

2) My betta has a small white bump with the scales pulld back by his tail? It’s not ich. What do you think it could be? I had gotten some goldfish from a neighbor Sunday and put them in the 20gal that I had the betta in with some guppies (already there). I watched to see if the goldfish would be a problem with him, and as I suspected, they were, so I pulled the betta out and put him in his own tank. He did a lot of flaring, should I just watch it so see fi it gets better on it’s own, or should I just buy some medication?


I think it’s difficult for anyone to give you an answer because many people who can answer the betta question may not be able to answer the saltwater question, so they don’t answer at all. Such is it with me. I cannot give you an answer about the saltwater question specifically. I can only tell you that, for freshwater, the rule for filtration is that the filter should move 4 gallons of water per hour as the size of your tank. So, if you have a 10 gallon tank, you would need a 40 gph filter. But, I am not familiar with saltwater filtering systems, which can be complex, so I can’t say more than that. With regard to the bump on the betta, it could be a tumor. One bump, lifting scales. That’s what it sounds like. You can’t really do much about a tumor. Often times they’re benign anyway, but even if it weren’t, short of surgery, which can be done and I have seen web posts on this, but I would be scared to death to try, so, if it’s a tumor, it’s just going to have to be left alone to do its thing, one way or the other. Check websites for fish tumors to see if it looks like what your betta has. Good luck!

Btw… if you broke up your questions into two separate ones, you might have better luck at getting answers….

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