Fly Line Backing Reel

Fly Line Backing Reel
flyfishing beginner need help.?

I have all the main components rod reel line flys. I have whats called backing line and is white thread like line and then i also have aeroloop flextec yellow performance flyline and i also have 8lb airflo line. The thing is i dont know which one to put on the spool first, my mind is telling me to put the white backing line on first maybe 20metres or so and then connect the yellow floating line to this and then using one of the ready made leaders connect it to the yellow line and then connect the 8lb line to this with fly attached. Is this right or wrong please need help. thanks.

Yeah, that’s basically right. Your tackle should go together like this:

1. Backing. It goes on your reel with an arbor knot. Backing is the line you will use to reel in the fish in the event that the fish runs all your fly line off your reel. Most folks only have to resort to that occasionally, but if you fish for big fish, it’s a regular occurrence.

2. Fly line. It attaches to your fly line with an albright knot (there are other knots that will do this job, too, but I recommend an albright). Your fly line is what you cast with — it has the weight for casting loops and the visibility for aiming and mending those casts.

3. Leader. It attaches to your fly line with whatever system you decide on. This is the invisible (or at least much less visible) part of the tackle that you will use to present your flies to the fish. Attach it to your fly line with loops, a knot, a knotless system, or whatever you decide. I use the loop system so I can quickly change leaders, but others use the nail knot or a clip-together or glue-together system. Your outfit may have a knotless leader system included. If not…

4. Tippet. This is what it sounds like — a tip or “end piece” for your leader, so you don’t wear down your leader too fast and so that you can use specialized tackle (like very delicate tippet) for certain situations. It can be 1-3 feet long depending on the situation. It attaches to your leader and you should change tippet according to your needs. I use a double surgeon’s knot for this.

5. Your fly attaches to the tippet — pick smaller tippet for smaller flies, thicker tippet for larger flies. Use the improved clinch knot to attach your flies to the tippet.

The Arbor Knot, Attaching fly line backing to reel.