Fishing Reel Saltwater

Fishing Reel Saltwater
My fishing reel is jammed from saltwater?

I’m so stupid. I went saltwater fishing on Labor Day. Well when i came home, washed is off with tap water, but it didn’t occur to me that ealier, my fishing reel completely fell in the water.

What are some ways i cam un jammed my fishing reel. It’s so jammed, i can’t even reel it in. like nothing will move.

call me stupid if you want, but please help. it’s an expensive reel! my dad will kill me (sarcasm)!

First what kind of reel is it spincast,spinning casting?
Next do as poster said by soaking in freshwater and after a bit see if you can turn the handle.Check to see if the line is caught anywhere!IE:wrapped in spool….!
Just submerged it should not totally mess the reel up but saltwater is very corrosive and will damage some reels.
If all else fails you will need to disassemble the basic parts and wash and lube them.Make sure to wipe off excess lube!
But we really need to know the style of reel!

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