Drag Scale Scale

Drag Scale Scale
3DS Max 2010 Uniform Scale not working on biped?

I don’t know how much more elaborate I can be than that. I’m trying to rig an Iron Man model (I’m a rookie, by the way) and whenever I try to use “Select and Uniform Scale” on my biped, it doesn’t do a damn thing.

Doesn’t matter how much I drag it in any which direction, it refuses to work on my biped. It works on everything else in the scene, just not my biped. Anyone know what the hell is going on?

Anybody have any other suggestions for Rigging an Iron Man model? I’m really needing help with this.

You can’t scale it directly like this Jordon. What you need to do just select your biped (any part eg. head) then go to motion Panel. There , Search for “Biped” rollout. Under “Biped” rollout there is a button called “Figure Mode” (The button with human figure icon). By turning that button on you will able to scale your biped parts. If you want to adjust the height of your biped figure then go to “Structure” rollout (The figure mode must be on) you will find a height spinner through which you can adjust the height of your Biped. You will also find some other options regarding other parts of the biped.

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