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what is composite material construction?

i saw the product details of the Daiwa Emcast Sport Surf Spinning Reel and it said that the reel’s body was made of composite material.what i would like to know is what is composite material(with respect to reels), how strong or weak is it compared to aluminium(metal) frames. how durable is this type of material especially when used for heavy saltwater.
and if any of the users have used this reel, i would like to know their views on the performance of this reel,i.e how strong is it, how well does it handle a heavy fish,does the frame get damaged easily etc. every possible viewpoint

In “reel construction”, that usually mean a “graphite/(something)” construction.

I know the Daiwa Whisker SS has a “graphite/(something)” construction and it has been a VERY popular reel for 20 years, (if they are still making them the same way for 20 + years, this means they have a “following” & are durable!).

Composite material’s are very durable in Saltwater. And they usually hold up well under “stress”. However, they “can” warp-out or become “brittle” under super-stressful conditions/ over time.

Most high-quality Shimano, Daiwa, Penn, Quantum reels have “some” composite materials’,(“side-plates”, “Body” , “”spools”).

Daiwa, Shimano, Penn, Quantum all make good reels.

Here are some suggestions esp for Surf-fishing:

1. Quantum Cabo or Boca (Cabo/$200 Boca/$129)

2. Shimano Thunnus or Spheros (Thunnus/$219 Spheros/$109)

3. Daiwa SS Tournament or Black Gold (SS tourney/ $100 Black Gold/$80)

4. Penn SSm Metal or SSg Graphite (SSm/$129 SSg/ $90)

I would be remiss if I didn’t say that “Fin-Nor” makes excellent inshore salt reels too!

Also, look into the New Ocean Master, (Bass Pro Shops Brand which Daiwa makes), “10,000” Spinning Reel. These Ocean Master/Daiwa reels are getting good press.

If you HAVE to go with a Emcast get the Emcast +! They are MUCH better quality reels than just the “Emcast”.

Hope this helps? Good fishing!

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