Casting Fishing Lures Gear

Casting Fishing Lures Gear
Advice on fishing gear for spinning off rocks (Victoria, Australia)?

Hi, I’ve decided to take up fishing after buying a cheap telescopic rod and reel for a bit of fun while on holiday in Tasmania.

Having been lure fishing around the Port Phillip bay area, I have been advised by local fishing enthusiasts to invest in decent fishing gear for better casting and spinning.

Please advise on decent combos of rod, reel and line.. and reasonable price to pay.. and please briefly give reasoning for your suggestions. I believe target fish in the Port Phillip area are Flathead, Snapper and Whiting.

Due to limited storage space, rod length is a major limiting factor for me. The rod must be at least 2 piece and easily transportable in an all wheel drive SUV.

Bonuses would be suitability for bait fishing off the rocks and fresh water fishing.

Many thanks in advance.

Although I’m a “yank”, what you’ve described as “beach and rock fishing” is pretty much the same as it is here. What you call rocks we call “jettys”, we both have Snapper and Whiting, Etc.

Here are some ideas on rods and reels with excellent reputations,(make sure to read the reviews given for further info):


1. Daiwa, Black Gold BG15 or BG20- This is the least expensive “workhorse” reel you could purchase that can easily move from Saltwater to Freshwater. Although it doesn’t have the “bells and whistles” some reels have, it makes up for it by having amazing durability. I personally own one and have had it for close to 20 years. This is a perfect reel for a “casual fisherman” who wants reliability/durability and a cheap price tag-®-Black-Gold®-Series-Spinning-Reels/product/2038/-168616

2. Penn, Slammer 360 or 560- Big jump in price, (from the BG15), but this reel DOES have all the “bells and whistles”. Many professional Charter Capt’s use this reel-

3. Shimano, Spheros- This is an excellent “compromise” between the “low-tech” Daiwa BG and the more expensive Penn Slammer. Nice reel! If you plan on using this for Salt and Freshwater you’d probably want to get the SP5000FB size-


For fresh AND saltwater there is only one, (inexpensive) way to go- Ugly Stik or Ugly Stik Lite. If you plan to fish along the beaches you’ll want a longer rod (8-11FT). If you’re dead-set on fishing mostly Freshwater think about downsizing to a 7-8FT size only.


– Want more of a longer “beach rod”??? Here ya go-®-Ugly-Stik®-Big-Water-Spinning-Rods/product/19912/-366810

Line?? Difficult question- everyone has their favorites they “swear by”. My fav “budget line” for the type of fishing your describing would be a 12-15LB Berkley Big Game (green colored) line-®-Trilene®-Big-Game®-Line-1/4lb–Spools/product/15127/-1438261

You will also want to have some Fluorocarbon leader line in the 12-17LB range along for the trip. Fluorocarbon line is a fairly new concept line that mimics the natural light index of water making it invisible underwater. Having “invisible line” certainly helps your “catch ratio”! (lol)

Anywho, hope this info helps ya? I’m fairly sure you can find these listed products in a local store in Aussie-land….

Good luck in your search!

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