20 Saltwater Reel

20 Saltwater Reel
Barracuda small tuna sheep head bonito sand bass HELP!?

I am looking to buy a rod and reel for saltwater fishing off a boat for mostly barracuda sand bass and such but want it to handle a 20-60 pound tuna I would use it on daveys locker sport fishing trips???

Penn makes some good rods and reels. Look at there web site for more info. However, I do know that the baja special is supposed to be a good reel, and ugly sticks are great rods. When you go to the website, look under conventional reels for the most popular saltwater reels. Also, you should go to the sport fishing operation or a local bait shop that sales rods and reels for more advise on what types of rods and reels you should get.

Hope this helps!!

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