Saltwater Fishing Rod Combos

Saltwater Fishing Rod Combos
Is This Rod any good for Fresh and Saltwater Fishing?

The link above is a rod and reel combo I got really cheap at Sports Authority. I mostly Fish either out in the Everglades or on the Dearfield Beach intercoastal, here in Florida. I usually fish for Medium sized Barracudas or Red Snappers in Saltwater. I just wanted to know will the rod handle the Saltwater fishing and will it break if I were to probably get a big hit, which I rarely do. I understand that its not a saltwater rod and I will need to wash it down with water after every trip to the intercoastal but thats ok.
Any tips and Help would greatly appreciated, as I am still a noob to fishing and have a lot to learn
Thank You.

Some inside info you should know about “combo” outfits:

Generally, buying a “combo” outfit is rarely a good idea. Combo outfits come 30 to a box- with very little packaging or care taken to keep them safe during the shipping process. Combo outfit’s are frequently “2nds” that the manufacturer has sold at a discount price and assembled to get rid of back-stocked surplus that is slightly defective or un-popular. They will match a good reel with a 2ND/slightly defective rod (or vice versa)…….That is how a retailer can SELL a combo so CHEAP……..

For this reason, It’s ALWAYS a better idea to buy your rod and reel separately. (I was a Fishing Dept manager at a Sports AU years ago and know this to be true- but, I guess, you don’t have to take my word on this subject- please investigate this on your own for further info.)

As for your Quantum Optix combo? After reading a couple reviews, it’s what I call a “throw-away” outfit. The reel alone is currently selling for $20 almost everywhere. That means the rod is either a 2nd, (and is technically worthless) or is only worth about $8. Here are a couple links to reviews-



However, don’t PANIC! Enjoy the reel for as long as it works.

(But, in the future, go to Bass Pro Shops OR Cabelas and thoroughly investigate a reel/rod before purchasing. (Both BPS and Cabelas have a review area where you can read non-biased reviews on rods and reels.)

Hope this helps ya?

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