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Drag Reel
What are the differences between FRONT drag and REAR drag reels?

I am looking to upgrade/change my current pair of reels. I have often pondered what the differences are between FRONT drag and REAR drag reels. I am open to all comments relevant to the topic.

Also some recommendations of make, models and prices would be appreciated too.

My fishing style if the target chub and barbel on small to medium sized flowing rivers, using legering as opposed to float work.

Many thanks for taking the time to answer this question.

Front drag reels generally have larger drag washers translating into more drag surface which in turn means better control when fighting and landing fish.
I tend to stick with Shimano Stradic MgFA reels which are very sturdy, well designed and highly recommended. Here is a review if you care to read about them:http://www.tackletour.com/reviewshimanostradic2500mgfa.html
available on sale for 157.88 USD (76.93 British Pound, 109.73 Euro)

Some anglers insist a rear drag reel allows ease of adjustment while playing a large fish and that a front drag is cumbersome. I never had any problem making adjustments with either type. It’s more of a personal preference I would think.
Good luck m8 with the barbel and chub.

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