Conventional Saltwater

Conventional Saltwater
Which is the best conventional reel or reels for saltwater pier fishing?

Looking for a fishing Reel for Large black Drums and Bull Reds. Besides Carl Newell, any other brands around $200-$250 range? It will mounted onto a custom build 7’8″ Calstar Rod.

Newell makes a nice reel. (Shame Carl passed away; he was a good man.) In that price range, you are NOT limited to what you COULD buy. You could def get another Newell? Anyway, here are some suggestions:

(I’m not sure if you want a lever drag or a star drag- or a levelwind???)

1. Daiwa, Saltist (leverdrag)- This particular reel has a very quick gear ratio, (which you might need when fighting large fish from a pier- How many people have you seen lose large fish under a pier??) You can also (apparently) cast this conventional easily- a definite plus! Although I personally don’t own this reel, it has good feedback. Go here to check specs and reviews-

2. Shimano, TLD20 2 Speed- I know a couple Charter Capt’s in Fla. They swear by these. Please read the reviews here, (However, disregard the idiot who went 300LB/Big Game Marlin fishing with a TLD 20- people who go big game fishing with small GRAPHITE reels should understand the possible dangers!) The only draw-back to these for pier fishing would be the gear ratio –®-Triton-Lever-Drag-Reels/product/17515/-254790

3. Shimano, Calcutta, CT700 B- This is a great reel with an awesome reputation. It would be perfect for light offshore/Heavy Inshore fishing. Personally, I’d spend the extra $50 and get this; it’s more versatile than a straight conventional-®-Calcutta®-B-Round-Baitcast-Reels/product/63169/-1146434

4. Penn, Special Senator- Save yourself some money and purchase 1 (or 2) of these. They are “bulletproof”, you can easily find replacement parts, and they have a solid reputation- esp for pier and party boat fishing-

I guess you have to ask yourself whether you want this reel to do “double duty”- Inshore/Offshore or strictly Pier/Offshore party boat.

The most versatile reel would be the Calcutta. Whereas, the larger lever-drags are basically designed for Offshore/bigger game fishing.

I suggest you use a braided line for whatever reel you decide on. I’ve used a 12lb diameter (50 LB strength) Braid for Surf/Jetty fishing with excellent results, (Power Pro brand). I use long, (3-4FT) Fluro leaders with this set-up- works great.

Hope this helps ya? Good luck in your search.

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