Saltwater Weight Rod Lure

Saltwater Weight Rod Lure
What do I need for freshwater fishing?

I have only saltwater fished so I never used bobbers or lures, just bait and weight 🙂
Do I need a separate rod for freshwater or will a saltwater rod do fine? (I use Ugly Stik) do I need bobbers, lures, or live bait? Please teach me the ways of freshwater fishing 🙂 Will freshwater fish be attracted to shrimp as well because I use chicken liver, shrimp and bait fish.
There are Bass, Crappie, Blue Gill, Trout, Carp, Suckers and Perch.

shrimp chicken liver bait fish can catch catfish just weigh it to the bottom like ocean but obviosly a smaller weight

for bass i would use live worms its the easiest way especially for a begginer. no weight or little split shots. reel in the worms slow

for trout easiest is power bait about 3 feet from the bottom

crappy bluegill live worms small .

i fish california. florida. mostly

talk to the bait shop near where u are fishng for best tips and advice on that area and most bait shop people are way down to earth and always helpful.

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