Saltwater Conventional Reel

Saltwater Conventional Reel
Pier Fishing/Saltwater – Need experienced advice?

My grandfather was a sailor/sail boat craftsman/fisherman, I took up the hobby after he passed, but unfortunately I was never lucky enough to get any advice from him. I consider myself still starting out, pretty much everything I know is self taught from watching other people and learning. I’ve never seen a real credible looking fishing book, I figured I could appeal to the great minds of the net.

I’ve taken a love to pier fishing – I usually use a self made slide halibut rig, 20 lb test, conventional Newell P-332f reel on a light – medium rod. I’ve noticed more bites on Mackerel primarily. If there’s any experienced pier fishermen or ocean fishermen, I would love to hear your advice / techniques / bait / set up / etc. I’m really trying to get better at this, but I don’t have much to learn from.


If you are from cali try this

there is a message board there, they have little contests and the same group fishes the same spots often, try hooking up with them.

If your willing to travel, the central and nor cal piers are a little more consistent on the flatties

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