Tackle Pole

Tackle Pole
How To Keep Mom From Having Fits (LOL)?

I love my bf and we have loads of fun together. He is everything I have waited a lifetime to find. But my poor Mother. We have never seen eye to eye (I’m Dad’s girl) and while she’s the Queen, I’m the tomboy daughter.

So last Christmas, she asked what I got from the honey. Well I got everything I could have ever wanted. Fishing pole, lures, tackle box, rifle, bullets, etc. For my birthday, she called and excitedly asked what I got. Basketball season tickets, new slicks for my race car that we’re restoring, etc.

Somehow, this Christmas is just going to kill her. I’m getting a new fire suit, helmet, and a 427 Chevy Big Block motor!

How do you cope with a Mom who is so different from you? She’s always devestated when I tell her about my cool presents. And I’m thrilled with them. How to I get Mom to realize that I have the best of all worlds and am very happy? She wants to hear that I got jewelry and perfume and a sweater!

As long as you’re happy, then that’s what matters! It’s great that you found a guy who shares your interests and gives you thoughtful presents. When you mom gives you a look say something like “Chad always gets me the most thoughtful presents, doesn’t he?” And look really happy when you say it.

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