Shimano Curado Fishing

Shimano Curado Fishing
Looking for a nice casting fishing rod.?

Hey guys!
I decided to get a Shimano Curado 200DHSV. Looked at it in the store today and I really liked it. Plus the nice rebate makes it even more enticing!

I haven’t ordered it yet and will order it online later today or tomorrow…

I am trying to find a nice rod for the reel that is under $100.
I will use the setup for bass fishing and inshore flats fishing. Any suggestions?

Also can you suggest a quality braided line (and line weight) that would be optimal for my setup?

Raise you spending allotment on that rod you want and look at Falcon Rods either the Original, Low Rider or the Cara in a 6′ -6″ MH.
Low Rider
Falcons are good rods with good sensitivity, Bass Pro Shop sells them as well.

You have a real good reel, no sense and skimping on your rod and miss out on all that reel is capable of.
Tight Lines and good fishing.

You got some time before spring to save some more money in order to get a better rod than what you will get for under $100.

For braided line I would go with Power Pro, the best of the braided lines in my opinion.

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