Shimano Chronarch Reel

Shimano Chronarch Reel
Shimano Curado Question?Real Fishermen please HELP me !!?

Trying to buy my husband a reel for our anniversary…3 years ago I bought him a Shimano Chronarch (I did ALOT of research cause I don’t know much about fishing).
He loved it…His brother dropped his Shimano Curado in the water a few years back and this greatly upset him and he always talks about it…I wanna replace it for our 10 year anniversary gift…Please help me…I know there’s a *NEW* 200 Curado E7 out that’s really good and this will be option # 2…but he always talks about a GREEN CLASSIC SHIMANO CURADO that supposedly they don’t make anymore…Does anyone know what this reel this is???
Lol…Thanks for the compliments…

DEVYN pointed you in the right direction.

And in response to the other answer’er….the Curado’s of that model year are typically regarded as a benchmark reel that were made to stand the test of time. Many people regard them as great reels. Although not as refined as anything now, they were DEFINITELY above all else in their price range when they came out.

The “classsic green” Curado is always going to be the 100/200 sized b, b5, bsf reels. (The number designates size – and effectively line capacity) (101 and 201 models are left handed – Shimano uses a “1” at the end to designate handle orientation)

Here are the models:
B – regular model with 6.2:1 gear ratio
B5 – regular model with 5.0:1 gear ratio
B38 – regular model with 3.8:1 gear ratio
BSF – Super Free model, ported spool for improved casting
performance, 6.2:1 gear ratio

They are not easy to find in tackle stores. The reason for that is they are two models old, and have been out of production for quite a few years now. eBay has some…. If you decide to search on eBay you’re probably best off searching for the models individually using Curado as the beginning search word (ie. Curado 200B or 200BSF or 101B).

Good luck.

Dave Mercer – Shimano Sustain / Chronarch – iCast