Fishing Spining

Fishing Spining
Best fishing line ?

looking for either 14 or 20 lb test for a spining reel need good strenth,casting,low memory and don’t want to spend more then 20 on it. I’ll be fishing bass in heavy cover seaweed, and things had one break 10 lb extra strenth stren line like it wasn’t evan on there.

14lb is probably the minimum most people use for fishing in seaweed. You are just as likely to see them using a flippin rod with 17lb or 20lb line.

I love the bass pro shops line. I have the 8lb and have no problem pulling in 6lb walleyes. I am not sure why your line would break. I get my 8lb line caught on rocks and I can hardly break it when I need to.
Are you good at knot tying? The new lines are real slippery and you have to use special knots to keep them from slipping. Another thing to be aware of is any nicks or weak spots in your line. I often cut off the weak spot in the line and re-tie my lure, or jig.

The “PLine” probably is stronger than the bass pro line but it has a higher memory.

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