Tackle Reel

Tackle Reel
What size reel should I use to fish for striper bass?

Making a trip to the California Delta (Sacramento side) so I’m trying to get geared up to catch some fish! Also, if you can advise on other tackle, ie hooks, line, sinkers sizes. I could use all the info I could get. OUT!

Stripers are one power house fish. I would only recomment bait casting reels because of the strength of the drag. Minimum size would be equivilant of a 6500 ABU garcia loaded with at least 20 lb test of some type. I used mono.
I have fished for stripers by the 80 bridge in Sac, and we used large jointed plugs, ie, Rapala J13 in various colors, and large jointed Rebels. #9 Rapala shad raps also work.
We fished at night and anchored above the bridge pilings
and let the plugs out to the front edge of the pilings and let them work in the current.
Solid tackle is needed, as I have had them hit so hard they broke a J13 in half, and they will not give up until almost dead.
When one hits , hang on and have a great time. When it is all over you will have one of the finest fish tablefare there is

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