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Deraller on push bike keeps jumping help please?

I came off my bike and the part that holds the deraller onto the bike bent, I repaired that bvy bending it back into place now it fits perfect, but now when i get into a high gear say “6” it will slip down to “5” and then return back to 6 and feels like it is slipping. Also the Deraller seems to Vibrate and move when peddling in a high gear the deraller I have got is a Shimano Alivo Mountain Bike Deraller.

Any Help on what I need to do would be Brilliant



You didn’t get the derailleur straight. Bike shops have a special tool to perfectly align the rear derailleur hanger, you can’t get it right by eye. Even if you adjust limit screws and barrel adjuster, it probably won’t be right. You might also have bent the body of the derailleur, in that case you would have to change it. This is a job for a good mechanic.

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