Shimano Curado 300e Reel

Shimano Curado 300e Reel
parents gave me a new rod as an early birthday present?

It’s a extra heavy Shimano Crucial Swimbait series trigger rod. Model number CRC-S711XH. Moderate fast action. 15-30lb mono/20-65lb braid. 8″-16″ swimbaits.

My question is, there’s no weight rating on the rod, just the 8″-16″ swimbaits marking. How much does a 16″ bait normally weigh?

Also I figured using 25 or 30lb mono instead of the braid stuff. Which would be a better reel to use on it? I’m torn between a Shimano Calcutta CT400B, Shimano Curado 300E, and a Abu Garcia REVO Toro Winch.

I have the same rod. I use it for tossing big baits at bass when they’re chasing stocked trout after a CDFG plant. Lures I use vary. They range from a two-and-a-half-ounce six-inch Black Dog Lunker Punker surface bait to a six-ounce, ten-inch Castaic Softbait Trout sinker. I’m not quite sure either, but the rod can handle four to ten-ounces easily. Your best bet is to try tossing lead sinkers of various weight. I can easily chuck an eight-ounce lead torpedo sinker by putting my back into the rod a hundred feet with no problem.

On my Crucial, I use a Penn International Nine-Sixty-Five on it with fifty-pound Spiderwire Stealth braid. You can call it “overkill”, but I like American Heavy-Duty. That’s just me.

My last trip to Bass Pro Shops, I took one of their Crucial display rods and one of their Three-Hundred-E Curados and put them together… I wasn’t happy with what I felt. Both being Shimanos, I expected they would match up pretty well. The two together felt kinda awkward. Again, that was just me. I do like Curados, though. That size Calcutta you mentioned is pretty much the same size as my Penn, but not as heavy. I’m sure if you loaded one of them up with thirty-pound Maxima (I used twenty-five before I switched over to braid), it would probably match well. I’m not a fan of Garcia’s Revo line, but the Toro Winch is probably the heaviest duty of them. It’d probably work as well or maybe even better than the Calcutta.

Shimano Curado 300E – New in Box