Shimano Citica

Shimano Citica
Which is a better baitcast reel, the Abu Garcia Revo Low Pro or the Shimano Citica?

Using one of the two for plastic wormin’ mostly texas and carolina riggin’

Depends on which REVO you’re comparing to the Citica. If you’re talking about the basic REVO S to the Citica E, then they’re both about the same. Except price wise… in that case the Ambassadeur is $20 more.

But… if you compare the Citica to a REVO SX, STX, Premier, Toro, Winch, or Toro Winch, there’s no comparison.

The Curado, though… is by far a more superior reel than any of the Ambassadeur Revolutions.

I’m sorry Ole Manfisher, I have to disagree with you. So yeah, the REVO has a better system with 24 pounds of drag… whoopety doo. Why so many pounds? It’s not needed, at least not in bass fishing. I understand for light saltwater and inshore fishing sure, why not? The Toro Winch has 20 to 24 pounds of drag… the Curado 300EJ has 15 pounds, and not to mention an awesome looking power handle a gear ratio of 6.9:1 not that that matters. I’m sorry if you don’t approve of my feelings toward any of the REVOs, but like you stated in one of your other recent answers, people have opinions… and that’s my opinion of the Ambassadeur Revolution. I love Ambassadeur reels, don’t get me wrong. The older round stuff though, also the newer C3s, C4s and Records. But I’m just not into the low-pro REVO line.

I remember you (or someone else) gave me a lotta sh*t for having both a Penn International 965 and a 975 as swimbait reels because they didn’t have enough drag. Well… the baby 965 might only have 11 pounds of drag and the bigger 975 has 12, but that just suits me fine. I don’t need an overkill of 20 to 24 pounds.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… the REVOs are ugly reels too.

Shimano Citica – Tuned