Shimano Box

Shimano Box
What is the best rod for this?

Hello yall. I go fishing EVERY day during the summer. I just got myself a wonderful baitcaster the Abu Garcia revo stx. I have found my reel,line,lure,weights, tackle box but everything except the rod. I use a baitcaster for a trout (ok i know spinning for trout blah blah, but i much perfer a baitcaster reel) What would be the best rod for this. The fish would be Trout, Suckers, the occasion bass. Nothing more then 250 please. i was looking at
E21 carrot stix micro guide 199.99
Shimano Cumara 199.99
Quantum tour Gerald Swindle 159.99

Personally, I would put the Quantum aside. I’m just not a fan of Gerald Swindle. That’s just me, and it’s an opinion. Take it as you wish.

The e21 has yet to tickle my fancy. I dunno about you, but I wouldn’t want to use a bright orange fishing rod. Someone in a plane above could see you while you’re casting and mistake you for waving some sort of a signaling device. The foam split grips don’t appeal to me either.

That leaves the Shimano. Once again, foam split grips on a rod turn me off. But the Cumara is one of Shimano’s top-of-the-line rods. And I prefer quality from my fishing tackle, so of course I would choose this one.

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