Saltwater Reel Usa

Saltwater Reel Usa
fishing reels made is the U.S.A?

I am trying to find a saltwater fishing reel that is made in the USA ???. can anyone answer this question for me??

quantum reels are in fact made in china, the only zebco reels made here are the plastic ones.
most penn reels, spinning or casting, are also chinese. they are made by the same manufacturer of “master” tackle since the purchase of penn by same.
the penn internationals are american as are newell, avet, accurate, tiburon, baker and of course, fly reels made by abel.
may not be a complete list by any means but it’s a start.

and oh, yes. as mentioned, ardent. a really great american made freshwater reel. so far, l have only one.

odd… U.S. Reels are in fact, chinese.

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